Work packages

Wp1000 Management
Wp2000 Spectrometric, photometric and astrometric reduction
Wp2100 Photometry and astrometry in the in-plane bulge region
Wp2200 Spectroscopic reduction of the bar
Wp2300 Spectroscopic reduction of the inner disc
Wp2400 Spectroscopic reduction of the inner thick disc
Wp2500 Spectroscopic reduction of the outer thick disc
Wp2600 Abundance analysis methodologies: inter-comparisons,homogeneity
Wp3000 Dynamical modelling
Wp3100 Made-to-measure method implementation
Wp3200 Ready-to-wear chemo-dynamic method implementation
Wp4000 Direct chemo-kinematic interpretation
WP4100 Bulge-bar-disc connection
Wp4110 Structure and kinematics of the bulge region
Wp4120 Understanding the bulge/bar/disc connection through chemo-dynamics
Wp4200 Radial structure of the disc
Wp4300 Vertical structure of the disc
Wp5000 Global modelling and interpretation of the bulge-bar-disc system
Wp5100 Population synthesis model
Wp5200 Made-to-Measure approach
Wp5300 Ready-to-wear approach
Wp5400 Galactic dynamics:synthesis and conclusions
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